We Are Rave Rebels.

Since the dawn of time, people have been trying to escape reality.

Cultures binding together in search of ultimate freedom, clustering into something new that embodies the search of evasion.

A liberation that is mostly found in a combination of immersive lights and strong soundsystems.

A movement of like-minded rebels, regardless their differences,

dancing the night away and seeking a better world on October 12 at Palais 12.



/reɪv ˈre-bəls/


1. a lively party involving dancing and drinking.

2. a person who wants to create a better world,

and shows this by behaving differently from most people in society.



Official merchandise is only available from outlets within Rave Rebels.

Please be wary of unofficial traders offering inferior goods for which we accept no responsibility.

You are not permitted to sell or offer for sale or distribute any items whilst at or in the environs of P12 including, without limitation, merchandise, tickets, food, beverages, cigarettes or smoking materials, newspapers or magazines.

You must not bring into P12 or display or distribute (whether for free or with a charge) at an Event any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials nor any leaflets, signage or other materials containing religious or political messaging.

Private transactions (including tickets) are prohibited in the park and inside the venue.





From 20h00 till 10h00 (8 P.M. till 10 A.M.)


- Ancho / Mexican

- Spit House / Chicken

- Loving Hut / Vegan

- Bistro On The Road / Fries & Burgers

- Amigo Amigo / Mix

- Just Say Cheese / Pizza

- Mi Asian / Asian


Travel: Avenue de Miramarlaan, B1000 Brussels ( get directions / acces plan



> By car: follow “Expo” and ONLY Parking B, T and E – more info about parking

By public transport


Eurostar & Thalys


Brussels is easily reached by Eurostar from London and by Thalys from Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne. Both trains stop in “la gare du Midi” station.

From “la gare du Midi” station, take the direct metro line 6 direction Roi Baudouin.

Get off at Heysel. This will take about 15 minutes.


If you are coming from Amsterdam or Luxembourg, you can reach BRUSSELS EXPO by getting off at Brussels Central Station. Take metro line 5, bound for Erasme. At Beekkant, take line 6 bound for Roi Baudouin. Get off at Heysel.

This will take about 20 minutes.

You can also take line 1 at Brussels Central Station, bound for gare de L’Ouest. At Beekkant, take line 6, bound for Roi Baudouin. Get off at Heysel.

This will take about 20 minutes.


HEYSEL – Stop/terminus “Heysel”

Schedules on www.Stib.be


Roi Baudouin – Stop “Heysel”


Esplanade – Stop/terminus “Esplanade”

Heysel – Stop/terminus “Heysel”

Stade – Stop “Roi Baudouin”

Tram 3: from the city center (Bourse, De Brouckère, Rogier) to Esplanade

(no service between 00:00 and 05:00)


Taxis Bleus take you swiftly and at affordable prices to your requested destination. They will bring you home safely after an enjoyable night out at P12.

Taxis Bleus is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call by phone on (32) (0) 2 268 00 00 or you can make reservations for a taxi online on www.taxisbleus.be.

Ar you in need of immediate transport? Call on (32) (0)488 87 29 00. The average waiting time is only 15 minute


» Online tickets are only available until 19:00.

» Tickets can be scanned from 8pm until 8am.

» Lockers are available and reusable all night. Save money and share a locker!

» No bags allowed inside the dancing area.

» There is access to toilets for people with reduced mobility.

» Feeling hungry? Foodtrucks are available from 20:00.

» Want to have a Rave Rebels memory? Be certain to check out the shop filled with Rave Rebels merchandise.

» Be a safe driver. You can leave your car at the parking, and retrieve it back on Sunday during the day.





Rules 18+

Zero drug tolerance

No own drinks

No weapons

No bags

Smoking inside is not allowed please smoke in outside smoking area

Be yourself

No standing only dancing

Respect others & yourself

Respect the venue

Laeken - Bruxelles - Belgium