The minimum age limit to enter Rave Rebels is 18.

Your ID will be checked at the entrance. 

Cash dispensers/ATM

We strongly encourage electronic payments.

All food/drink voucher stalls and merchandise stands on the festival ground accept both cash payments and payments by bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/VISA).



Anyone who wants to keep their personal items securely under lock and key can use our safe lockers.

You can rent a locker for one festival day. Storing your property in a safe locker has so many advantages.

Your personal items are securely stored in the - guarded - locker measuring 30x30x45cm.


First aid


Our first aid will help with incidents minor and major!

Our first aid station is clearly marked on the festival grounds.


Protect your ears


Since 2011, the limit has been set at an average of 100 dB(A)/hour, measured at the mixing desk, thus anticipating to the new legal requirements which are in vigour as from 1 January 2013. These levels are strictly respected. Additionally the Rave Rebels organization recommends the use of earplugs.


Do’s and don’ts at the festival site


Backpacks and bags are welcome at Rave Rebels, but these will be subject to strict controls. 

Clear guidelines have been drawn up concerning the items that are/aren’t allowed inside the Rave Rebels area.

Everything will be put in place to make the additional checks go as smoothly as possible.

These object are allowed inside the venue:

Non-drinkable liquids and gels in amounts up to 100 ml, with a total maximum of 1 liter

Small, non-professional cameras

Mobile phones, smartphones and tablet






These objects are not allowed on the festival grounds:


Professional photo/ lm/video/sound recording equipment, Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), Drinking glasses, Plastic bottles, Cans, Cartons, Camel bags/water backpack, Drugs, Fireworks, Weapons, Knives, Explosives, Sharp objects, Benches/folding chairs (except these folding chairs – example), table objects (paddling pools, balls, chairs, etc.), Non-drinkable liquids and gels in packaging larger than 100ml, Tents and other camping equipment, Tripods and sel e sticks, Laser pens, Drones, Drinking bottles/drinking cups/mess tins, Large backpacks (>45 cm height), Gas and gas burners, Candles, Parasols and umbrellas with pointed ends, Plastic or wooden boxes, Polystyrene blocks, Bicycle pumps, Animals (except guide dogs for the visually impaired), Flyers, stickers, posters and other promotional material, Any other object which can be considered dangerous by the organizers